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The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation

It was founded on 24th December 2009 in Ankara

The Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation (TCFF), which aims to promote friendship and cooperation between the two countries, rests on the foundation of current relations between the Turkish Republic and the People’s Republic of China. It was founded on 24th December 2009 in Ankara by the leadership of Hasan Çapan, who has maintained close relations with the Chinese for many years.



he Turkish Chinese Friendship Foundation aims to establish a dialogue among institutions of science, carry out research and development projects and expand work on technology between the two countries.


The Foundation aims to carry out projects in which businessmen from both countries get to know one another through fairs and other similar organizations and desires to organise symposiums where problems in the business sector are discussed.


The Foundation aims to organise panels and seminars to which experts such as historians, academic staff, scientists, journalists, men of state and diplomats attend so that the rich cultural heritage and civilization of the two countries can be examined and shared in depth.